Jay Chou – Secret – Travelling 20 years / 周杰倫不能說的秘密- 去20年前

Recorded when I was younger. So please excuse any mistakes. Thank you ;) From Jay Chou’s movie ‘SECRET’. The piano for travelling 20 years. å¨æ°å€«/å¨æ°ä¼¦ä¸èƒ½èªªçš„秘密- 去20年前/ 去20年后的’Secret’ is a movie that inspired me to attempt this as it made me travel through time too :) An interesting film directed and made by the actor/singer & pianist ‘Jay Chou’. He is also the main actor star in the movie. He is a new student boy to the school and hears some pian

Titolo: Jay Chou – Secret – Travelling 20 years / 周杰倫不能說的秘密- 去20年前

Durata: 1:43

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Pubblicato il: 25 febbraio 2013

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